File improvement suggestions for REST API

Hello there, as of late I have been suing your REST API, thank you for supporting this, is extremely useful! I do have a few suggestions regarding Files however. Ultimately I want to achieve a easier file search.

1) File tags:

It would be nice if File object would have a dedicated tags field. This will help search/filter them much more easier.


2) More File properties from List folder content (5.4 in document) 

The other thing is being able to fetch the file's description and if added the new tags field.


Simple use cases is able to search content within a user's drive and have some options such a tags, title and description. Let me know if you have any questions or if there's any way I can support this.



3) File search

Would be great to be able to search files within a realm or user's drive. The list folder content also needs more description on how to form a search query.

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