Slideshow viewer for photos and Playing .MOV video files

When I share a folder with photos, the person viewing has to open and click on every photo to view it.  OpenDrive opens a new tab for every single photo.  This really should have a slideshow viewer.  All the other cloud drives I have tried, have a slideshow type of viewer.  It seems a little dated with every photo opening in a new tab. I really hope this can be implemented into the desktop version.  I am currently use a Mac computer.  On an android phone, I can simply swipe to the right and the next photo will be shown.


.MOV movies aren't playing.  I uploaded a test and this icon shows up.  MP4 videos seem to play just fine.  When we create tutorial videos for a student to view, this isn't working for us.  It's discouraging to see that we have to have our clients/students download a video to their computer rather than just watch it.  Hopefully your player will allow us to stream the .mov files soon. 


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