Thank you for WebDav! Here's how in Linux Mint KDE File Manager.

I want to first thank you guys for the WebDav feature. I know it's been almost two months since release but I just a couple days ago realized it was available! LOL! Here is my instructions on how to get WebDav to work as a part of Dolphin web browser in the KDE version of Linux Mint 14. This will put OpenDrive as an item in the left-side "Places" pane so you can easily access OpenDrive anytime! Please read the Notes below the instructions on some things that may not work well (hopefully they can be fixed either by KDE dev team or OpenDrive?)

  1. Click on the area where it shows the path to your directory. This is at the top of the pane. Type in: webdavs://webdav.opendrive.com. Log in with your username and password.

  2. Right Click Places on left and select Add Entry

  3. Type in "OpenDrive" for Label

  4. Click on the icon next to Choose An Icon and pick the folder with the globe on it. Then Click Ok and OK again.

NOTE: This stays active login when you first log in for the entire session. If you reboot or turn off the computer, it will require you to log in again after you click on the OpenDrive in places. But the Entry for OpenDrive itself will stay even after reboot/power down.

IMPORTANT NOTE!! Deleting really deleted, NOT moved to trash can (that option is grayed out). So be careful deleting files!

Progress bar doesn't work so you really can't keep track of how long the upload will take.

I use the WebDav version now and it's just awesome! So much more convenient! Thanks to the OpenDrive Dev Team! :)



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