Serious Bandwidth Issue (Affects Everyone)

I just discovered a fairly major mistake on OpenDrive's part. A user's daily allotted bandwidth is NOT relative to the actual amount of data they transfer from their account. Instead, it's based soley on the size of the files in the account, and how many times they are requested for download.

By only REQUESTING the download from the server (not actually downloading anything) the size of the file is automatically deducted from the available daily bandwidth, regardless of if the file is fully or partially downloaded - or even downloaded at all.

To break it down even simpler, say you have a file that is 1GB in your account on the 25GB/day plan, and you share the file's public link with a single person. That person clicks the link 25 times, each time cancelling the download before it even begins. There goes your daily bandwidth without the file being transferred a single time.

So what's up OpenDrive?

EDIT: OpenDrive claims to have fixed this problem, and they even edited my original post to provide you with misinformation. Unfortunately after over a year they still have not fixed this problem, and this question is NOT answered. I found solutions to my needs elsewhere long ago, I suggest you do the same.


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