Upload Time Countdown


I've been thinking if it would be possible to add a feature that show a time countdown for upload tasks and the files within them?

I'll add an example below:


I have a folder (Named UploadTest) with 10 files of 1GB each in it,

Now i make a new Backup Task from that folder, then that Task is called UploadTest.

Behind the Task it shows the total amount time (H:M:S) counting down (real-time per second) and also a time countdown behind each file uploading.

Now (for example) 1 file of 1GB would take 1 Hour, but you can't upload all 10 files at the same time (the current max is 5 at a time, ill take 4 connections as example), thus the main task showing 3:00:00 (H:M:S) to complete, 1 Hour per file and 4 uploading at the same time.

I would like to know if this would be possible to implement and if i explained it well enough to a degree you can understand what i'm aiming at.


I'm not native English, so my apologies if it contains some grammar mistakes.



Maurice Tholen


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