Automatic Syncing Between Multiple Devices

I would like to see automated syncing like with Dropbox, Syncplicity, SpiderOak, etc. At the moment, each time a file is changed I am prompted to update my local or my remote file. This is making the "sync" between devices a nightmare.

I have 4 devices that share the same storage of files. They are all used in different locations (hence the need for this solution), but if I am not on server screens 24/7, then I have OpenDrive not syncing across important files because it is awaiting a response from me. I would think that clicking "Apply to all" would set a sync rule that would state that the newer file would be replaced on OpenDrive and across my devices, or just the mere fact that the file doesn't exist. When clicking on "Apply to all" this doesn't do anything that you think it would.

As you can see from my scenario (and I am sure others would agree), the whole prompting of what should OpenDrive do with a newer file (which already has the sync rule applied to it - sync newer or upload it) isn't really a automated process, it is a manual one. :D


Oh and to add to it, I just changed the name of a folder which contains 500MB of data. Now OpenDrive has told me the folder has been deleted and do I want to remove it. So I am guessing it won't actually rename the folder, it will delete it, then see the folder which I renamed and then ask me to sync the whole thing again. That seems rather silly, don't you think? I was under the impression from the sales rep that OpenDrive could handle my scenario (the email said, OpenDrive can handle your scenario). But at this point (being a month of uploading data) I am now thinking I should just go back to the DropBox solution I had in place and make a work around for security. 

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