Coupon Codes for Paid Downloads

I wonder if we can set coupon codes for downloads we set a price for? Here's a couple scenarios:

  1. You are running a sale for your email subscribers. You want to give them 25% off the newest version of your software.

  2. You want to give away the software for free ONLY to those who helped beta test the software (by giving them a coupon code to use when downloading), but everyone else you want to pay for the software.

Just an idea which I think would turn out to be quite handy. Along with it, it would be nice to see how many of the coupon codes were redeemed on a file during a period of time. 

Also it would be nice to set an expiration for the coupon codes and allow multiple codes (ie. if you want beta testers to get the software free forever, and for a limited time new users get 25% off, for example).


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