Windows Service Capability

I suggest that you enable the capability to run this as a Window's Service WITHOUT a user having to be logged in.  Having this capability on Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Server 2003/2008, etc., would help people who have these servers set up for personal pictures/video/backups/etc.  I tried to make it a scheduled task with admin rights, which launched at startup with no user, and it indeed does start the two services that are related to OpenDrive (OpenDrive_Tray & Opendrive_Session), but unfortunately, the services do not pick up on file system changes unless someone is logged in.

So, either make this a feature of the application OR fix the indexing criteria so that someone can set it up the way I mentioned above and actually have the services work.  Either way is acceptable in my book.

Otherwise, very happy with the service!  Looking forward to all future improvements!

Thanks for listening!!


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