Better tuning of syncing policy (automatic upload/download/delete)


Actually OD client asks user what to do when changes occur on files:

  • file modified locally -> modify on OD?
  • file deleted locally -> delete on OD?
  • file modified on OD -> modify locally?
  • file deleted on OD -> delete locally?

So there are 4 different situations... BUT if I answer "Don't ask me again for this syncing task" the answer will be saved for ALL the 4 possible cases... so everything will be done automatically (upload, download, delete)

The user should have the option to select the automatic action for each case.

Some examples:

- I want to automatically upload files from a removable device, but I don't want them to be automatically deleted if I unplug the device.

- I want to automatically download files from a shared read-only folder, but I don't want to automatically upload changes if I modify them on local drive

- I want to automatically upload and download my documents folder, but if I delete a file I should be asked if I want to get it removed from OD...



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