Activity Log and Other Feature Requests

Originally from ticket #4335.


I appreciate your openness for OD service improvement suggestions. Before

deciding to use OD I did my research against your other

competitors. Although OD has had some service outages - I'm

still optimistic OD is a great service. Here is my feedback to help improve

OD service:

  • Activity log to show last completed, pending or waiting back-up/ sync
  • Better and more accurate estimate preview for when files back-up/ sync
    will be completed
  • Update the OD file/folder icon to be green when backed-up/sync'd and
    red when not
  • Improved UI look. Other competitors have a more modern and newer style
  • Google Business Solution - be great to have an OD App that could
    be integrated with Gmail. For example, have OD App settings that could
    detect min file size preference - like 10MB and would auto-send if over the
    min through the OD App.


*Jeff Murphy* | Graphic Specialist

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