Mount opendrive as drive letter

Originally from ticket #3258.


I am new to opendrive and wanted to know if I could map a drive letter in windows to the opendrive storage.

Just like a local SMB fileshare.


Hi Vikram,

I would like to clarify on what your question is but the way we understood your question can be answered by the following:

If you are new to OpenDrive, it would be best to download the OpenDrive Drive Application, this should be the solution to the drive letter you are looking for.

also, please check some open items that you might need to be aware of:


We hope this helps!


I did download the OpenDrive drive application. But as I had stated

earlier, I was looking for a drive letter or even a folder mount point so

that I can access the files via a script or a batch file.

For example the path 'Computer\OpenDrive\My Documents' is not accessible

from my batch file.

Please let me know if you are need any further clarification.



Hi Vikram,

Thanks for clarifying.

The Windows version of the OpenDrive drive app is currently not accessible as a USB storage drive so it will not mount as an F:\ drive. It is accessible as a virtual systems folder. The MAC version is built that way though.

I would however like to mention that the developers told me that your request is actually in the roadmap of development for the windows version.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance, thank you for sharing your feature requests with OpenDrive!


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