Using OpenDrive With BitDefender 2012

We have received some reports of users not being able to use the OpenDrive application with BitDefender 2012 installed. We have found that the following steps will resolve  issues with accessing the OpenDrive application while BitDefender 2012 is running.

1. Open BitDefender
2. Choose Firewall from the left
3. Click the Advanced tab
4. Click Adapter Rules
5. Click on your Internet Adapter, usually called Local Area Connection
6. Click Add Zone
7. Paste these 4 addresses in, one at the time. These addresses are our server addresses that the OpenDrive app connect to:
8. Once these 4 zones are added, you should be able to log into the app and see Windows Explorer come up without the Internet Connection Error. This will indicate that the app is no longer being blocked.

If you experience problems with accessing the OpenDrive application after following these steps, please submit a ticket to our Support Center with as much information as possible.

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