Streaming Media Files

With OpenDrive, you can stream media files directly through your account or by using a link. When a file is stored in OpenDrive, there are multiple links created. The links are available from the links option in the file menu. These links include:

File link (URL): This link can be used to publicly access the file directly for download or streaming on the OpenDrive website

Direct link: (streaming): This link can be used to stream a file directly within a browser window or within a 3rd party media player.

Direct link: (download): This link provides instant download access to the file.

HTML Embed: This link provides the HTML code you can use to embed your file, using our media player


The following video formats are supported in for our media player: flv, mp4, m4v, webm, ogv


Users with paid accounts do not have to enable hotlinking, as it is already included in your plan. If you have a basic account, please log into your account and go to Settings > File Hotlinking for information on enabling hotlinking.


To access files via link, the files must have either hidden or public permissions. If the files are private, they cannot be accessed for download or streaming. This includes files that are embedded with the embed link.

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