Folder icons and permissions

There are different icons you may notice when viewing your folders in the web interface. Each folder icon represents different permissions that have been set for the folder.

Hidden folders are accessible with the URL to that folder, but they are not publicly searchable. Hidden folders displayed as a bold manila folder icon

Private folders are accessible to account users that have been granted permissions to access the folder and other OpenDrive users who you share the folder with. Private folders are displayed as a pale manila folder icon

Public folders are accessible by anyone, whether you have provided them with the link or by performing a web search. Public folders are displayed as a blue folder icon

Shared folders have the public access permissions they have been assigned, and they are accessible directly through the account of the person you have shared them with. When you share a folder with another OpenDrive user, the folder will be displayed with the same icon used to represent folder type as well as an icon to show that the folder has been shared.



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