Deleting a Sync or Backup Task - Windows Drive Application

At times, there may be a reason to delete and reconfigure a sync task. You may want to configure the files to upload to a different location in OpenDrive. This is also useful after you have deleted a file that is part of a sync or backup task. The application may continue to try uploading file even after it is no longer available. With these Steps, deleting and reconfiguring the tasks are simple.

To remove a sync/backup task:

1. Right click on any file/folder and select properties
2. Click on OpenDrive Tab
3. To remove sync/backup tasks click on Manage Syncing Tasks
4. Click on the task and click on Cancel Permanent sync
5. Repeat this process for each task you want to cancel
6. Once you are finished, click close
7. Click Ok on the properties window
8. Log out of OpenDrive and then Log back in

Once you have followed these steps, you can reconfigure any tasks that you wish. The application will detect if the files are already uploaded in the location you specify, and it will only update the files if changes have been made.

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