Moving Files and Folders

Web Interface:

In the web interface, you can move individual files and folders. To do this, highlight the file or folder and select the arrow to the right. In the menu, select 'Move file into' or 'Move folder into', depending on what you are moving. In the window that comes up, select the new location for the file or folder and click ok. The file or folder will then be moved to the location you specified.

Drive Application:

In the drive application, you can move multiple file or multiple folders at the same time. However, you cannot select files and folders together to move them. To move multiple files or folders, you can highlight them like you would in Windows. Once they are highlighted, you can use cut-paste, copy-paste, or drag-drop to move the files. When you use cut-paste, the files will be moved to the new location. With copy-paste or drag-drop, a copy of the files will be placed in the new location and the original files will be left in the current location.

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