Creating and Editing Account Users

Creating and Editing OpenDrive Account Users

With the account user creation and edit page, you can create and edit users and grant them access to your OpenDrive account quickly while maintaining the highest levels of security.

OpenDrive Web 

User Info

Enter the user’s personal and log in info into the appropriate boxes, such as first and last name, email address and the password you wish to assign to that user. An email will be sent to that address once the profile is created that will contain instructions they can use to log into the account. Once the user successfully logs in, the assigned password, as well as other parameters, can be changed in their Profile page.


Adjust the sliders to limit the amount of space and total bandwidth the user will have access to. By default, the sliders are fully to the right, granting the user all of the space and bandwidth available according to the main account user’s plan.

Admin Permission

Choose whether or not you wish for the user to have administrator level permissions on your account. Clicking Files just grants access to the files and folders you define. Clicking Users grants access to the files and folders you define, as well as the ability to view other users in their group. Clicking Admin grants access to all folders and allows the user to create and administrate users.


Check the Activity Notification box to be notified every time the user makes any changes to the folders they have access to.

Select Folders

Select the folders you wish the user to have access to. Clicking View next to a folder will only allow the user to view the contents of the folder without being able to edit or delete files. Clicking Edit will grant full access to the folder, permitting a user to edit, delete or move files. Click Cancel to discontinue the user’s access to the folder.


Once you have the settings you desire for the user, click the Save button to create the new user. The user will now be listed with the others in the group you are currently browsing.

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