Slow Upload Speed? Check Here First

There are a few things that influence speed of upload -- first the size of the file, second the number of files uploading, finally your connection speed and location to the upload server.

The more files you have, the slower it is to upload (for example a 1gb file should upload between 1.5-3.5 hours on cable internet, whereas multiple files that equal 1GB will take longer because the process must start and stop for each new file).

When contacting support for slow upload speeds, please first run a test at (run the test with a server selected in Arizona - Phoenix, AZ if possible), select the option to share your results, and send us the link to the results. This will help us better diagnose the issue.  Also, please let us know if you are uploading via the desktop drive application or the web application. If you are on Linux, run the speed test from and use a server in Phoenix, AZ as the destination test server. The command to do that will be speedtest -s 28800 (see the documentation at )

You can also check this page to calculate the time needed for a backup.

To check how your connection is routing to OpenDrive's servers, you can run a traceroute on the connection from your computer to our URL. Optimal latency between connection steps should be no more than 20-80ms. Anything over that, or any timeouts, indicates that your connection and routing is affecting the transfer speeds to and from OpenDrive. Timeouts indicate a possible block by your firewall, router or switch.

To run a traceroute, please complete the following steps:


1. Go to Applications>Utilities

2. Select Terminal

3. Type the following command in the terminal window: traceroute and press Return

4. Wait for the results


1. Click the Start button and type cmd into the search box

2. Select command prompt when it appears

3. Type the following command into the terminal window: tracert and press Enter

4. Wait for the results

If you are unsure whether or not the values you are getting are normal or if there is a problem, please send the results of the traceroute in a ticket, along with the speed test results, and we will analyze the results for you.

We also offer the option to send media directly to us for manual upload or for US based Business plan subscribers we can send an OpenDrive Express drive that you can upload your data to and ship back to us for manual upload. For large amounts of data this is sometimes the quickest option. Please visit our Manual Backup page for more information.

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