Mac Application Update March 20, 2013

We have released an update for the Mac application (New Version 1.0.23). Some of the features that are included in this update are:

- You can now create tasks for any folder, including the iPhoto library
- Fixed error "Selected directory is already being synchronized"
- Fixed task state showing "Succeeded" before the task is started
- Fixed the "Save password" option
- Fixed  issues with emptying trash
- Removed limitation for uploading characters that are invalid in Windows Operating Systems ( \ / : * ? " \< \> |)
*Please Note: files and folders with these characters will not download successfully on Windows Computers

If you already have the Mac OpenDrive application installed, you will be notified of the update once you log in. When you are notified of the update, you will have the option to download it directly from our server. If you would prefer, you can also download the updated application here:

If you have any general questions or concerns, please let us know through this thread. If the problem is more account specific, to protect your privacy, we recommend submitting a support ticket here:

Thank you for choosing OpenDrive for your file storage and sharing needs.

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    Jaime Estupinan

    The application does not work. Launches an icon next to the top of my Mac toobar. When I click the icon, it disappears. Feeling like I have been duped for $99 and absolutely no functionality.

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    Mark Ingram

    When I try to add a sync task it takes 15-20 minutes as each folder level I select the system takes forever to display the file list. It is basically unuseable.

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