OpenDrive Bandwidth Calculation

The OpenDrive bandwidth counter only reflects the amount of downloaded data that is sent from our servers, and does not reflect any data received by the client (web browser).

Once a download begins, our servers start sending data in 1MB blocks. Blocks are queued and will wait for the client to accept them. The bandwidth meter deducts each 1MB block that is sent from our servers.

When you use a direct link to download a file, the file download counter will increase by 1 and the size of the downloaded file block is subtracted from the daily bandwidth limit.

However, there are few situations on the client side which will cause the meter to deduct extra bandwidth after the download has stopped:

- Some 3rd party applications, such as Windows Media Player, may attempt to download a file multiple times.

- The client sends a stop request, which is queued after the list of pending blocks As a result of this, your bandwidth meter will show that much more data was downloaded than the client actually received.

- The client is not sending a request to stop the download. The download might be paused, the client might be closed, or the client might not be sending a cancel request at all. In this case, the bandwidth meter will deduct the whole file size from your daily bandwidth limit.

To isolate cases where you believe bandwidth may not be calculated accurately, we recommend  viewing Settings > Activity logs, which will display the download statistics for each individual file. You will then be able to see how the bandwidth is being calculated.

If there is something you need assistance with that is outside the scope of this article, or involves private, account sensitive information, please submit a support ticket and we will help you directly. We can also provide additional daily bandwidth at a very reasonable price.

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