What is the difference between the secure folders and regular folders in OpenDrive?

The secure files folder uses Zero-Knowledge encryption to protect your files, a password is set the first time you open your secure files folder that is stored in your local computer which is used to encrypt your files, because of this:

  • Files in the secure files folder or the folder itself cannot be shared through sharing links/URL. They cannot be shared or accessed other than through our app
  • Folder is not accessible via the Web Browser
  • Folder is not accessible even to us
  • Retrieving passwords is only possible by resetting the entire folder including it's contents

The rest of the folders are not encrypted but they can be can be restricted with private permissions to prevent unauthorized access and files are transferred through a 128 bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

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    Daniel Kiefer

    This explains that because the password used to encrypt the files in a secure folder is stored in your local computer the secure folder is not accessible via the web browser or even to OpenDrive.  If the local computer on which the password is stored is stolen or inoperable is the secure folder accessible to me using the replacement computer if I know the password?

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    Rudolph Wiggins

    If this is the case, then whats the sense of having the folder in the first place. This folder should be llowed to be backed up and available via file manager online. Daniel asked and interesting question, suppose too that your hard drive crash? Then you are none the wiser.

    Someone, plese expound on this.

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    Mark Lamias

    This doesn't make any sense and I think this information is completely wrong.  I have a secure file and it backs up just fine.  I just don't think you can access the secure files folder using the web interface since it uses an encryption key stored on your local computer.  The files ARE backed up - at least on my system they are.

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    Mike Shea

    "Retrieving passwords is only possible by resetting the entire folder including it's contents"

    Ok, so how do we do that?

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    Mateusz Gorny

    Frank Edwards If "Folder is not accessible even to us" so why in logs in webui I can see files names? It means that you encrypt only file contents not all folder or file names. What else do you send without encryption and for what information do you have access in secure folder? Meta data? 

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