I need to back up an External Device, can I do this with OpenDrive?

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Hello. The service looks very interesting and may be exactly what I need for automatic backup AND regular online access of files. Most of the items I need backed up are on my home network attached storage drive, which has its own drive letter showing up in "My Computer" on my various computers. I know some inferior online backup services actually do not allow files and folders from a network attached drive....only the actual hard drive of a computer plus possibly any usb connected additional drives. I can't find ANYTHING in the FAQ's on your site that state one way or the other what the Opendrive policy is. If I can't back up from my cat 5 cable attached network drive, it won't work. Not sure why this feature is blocked by some companies. What is the policy? Thanks

Hi Briangira,

Thank you so much for your interest with OpenDrive!

OpenDrive offers a versatile service to fit our user's needs, in your case, the ability to backup folders located in an external device will work for as long as it can be mapped to your computer.

I believe your best option for this is to choose the backup option which is a one way back up from local to OpenDrive, this allows you the ability to backup you files without having to keep the drive attached. When not attached, it will simply not back up.

Synchronize is a two way option where changes made online and in your local are detected and mirrored- this is the usual reason why external drives are not included in Cloud storage sync. The moment the system detects the absence of the external drive- then it seeks to mirror the absence by deleting the file online as well.

I hope this helps!


Frank Edwards
Team OpenDrive

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    Leo MacGillivray

    All I want to do is back up 2 external drives, folders and all, to Open Drive.  Can this be done?  If so, how?


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